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Making a studio booking

You don’t have to be a member of Chesterfield Golf Club to use Chesterfield Golf Studio – and it is easy to make a booking.

You can make your reservation at any time using our online booking facility, or by phoning our professional shop team during opening hours.

Before making a booking, please read all of the information below.

Booking online

You can book online by clicking the BOOK NOW button below. 

We are effectively booking sessions in Golf Studio 1 and Golf Studio 2 as tee times.

In Golf Studio and Golf Studio 2 are reserved in 30 minute blocks.

Please note, left-handed players can only be accommodated in Golf Studio 1.

To make a booking:


Online booking instructions can be viewed here or follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: Click ‘Change Course’ and select either Golf Studio 1 or Golf Studio 2

Step 2: Select the date which you wish to play and then the start time which you wish to reserve and click ‘book’

Step 3: Complete your details (you only need to do this for the lead booker) and click ‘proceed’

Step 4: Click ‘confirm and pay’ then enter card details as requested

If you wish to make a booking for a longer period of play than one ‘tee time’ you will need to repeat the above process.

Note: all reservations must be paid for at the time of booking.

If payment is not made the system will automatically delete your reservation.

Booking by telephone

Simply call 01246 279256 and choose option 1. Our professional shop team will make a booking for you and take payment.

Cost of hire

For non-members the cost of studio hire is £30 per hour or £15 per 30mins.

Making payment

All Chesterfield Golf Studio use must be paid for at the time of booking. If you are making an on-line booking you will need to enter your debit or credit card details.

If you make a telephone booking, the professional shop team will take these details during the call.

Opening times

Chesterfield Golf Studio is open for bookings daily from 8am-9pm.

The difference between Golf Studio 1 and Golf Studio 2

There is no difference in the TrackMan technology operating in Golf Studio 1 and Golf Studio 2.

In Golf Studio 1 bookings are made in blocks of 30 minutes

In Golf Studio 2 bookings are made in blocks of 30 minutes

IMPORTANT: please note that, due to space and safety left-handed players can only be accommodated in the larger Golf Studio 1.

Time for a round

If you wanted to play 18 holes on a virtual course we would expect completion times to be in the region of:

Single player – 45 mins to 1 hour

Two players – 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours

Three players – 2 hours 30 mins to 3 hours

Four players – 3 hours to 3 hours 30 mins

These times will be dependant on speed of play and the amount of socialising between shots.

TrackMan app

If you want to get ahead of the game, we recommend you download the TrackMan Golf app. It will take two minutes to download from the App Store or Google Play Store and is a fantastic tool for you to use in conjunction with the studio. The app allows you to set up a profile, then each time you viist the studio scan a QR code and it will recognise you as a player – saving time as well as all your score and shot data.


You use your own clubs and ball (you’ll only need one – it’s impossible to lose!)

Both MUST be totally clean.

Golf balls MUST be brand new, have no Sharpie marks, or logos other than the ball makers’ as these can damage then simulator screens.

What to wear

We expect you to follow the clubhouse dress code policy. Golf clothing is fine, but must be clean and dry.

The golf studio is carpeted. Footwear must be clean. No spiked golf shoes to be worn. Trainers are fine.

How to access the studio

There are two entrance doors to the studio.

During professional shop opening hours the studio is accessed from a door in the main clubhouse entrance foyer.

Outside of these hours you will access the studio via an entrance door from the main clubhouse bar area.

To access the car park, non-members will need to press the ‘visitor’ button on the entrance barrier. Similarly, if after 5pm, non-members must press an entry button outside of the clubhouse door. In both instances our bar staff will give access and provide a friendly greeting on entering the building.

Number of players

Our studios are spacious and can accommodate large groups.

However, we operate on a maximum of four players per studio at any one time to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable and safe experience.

Operating Trackman

TrackMan equipment is very easy to operate using touchscreen technology and assistance is seldom required.

However, our professional shop team is on hand during daytime should assistance be required. Outside of these hours, bar staff are trained in the basics of operating the systems so that you are never stuck.

Cancellation policy

If you have made a booking and are unable to make your reserved time, please call our professional shop team on 01246 279256, option 1.

They will rearrange your booking or arrange a refund to your original payment card.

All changes and cancellations must be notified at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled play time, otherwise no refund will be given.