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Winter League and Eclectic


  • An interesting and fun dimension to golf at the club over the winter period.
  • Each week a competition will run from Monday to Sunday.
  • The format will be singles stableford and games can be played on any day of the week.
  • Yellow/Winter tees to be used.
  • Any game can count so long as the game is played to competition rules.
  • Multiple games may be played each week, but only 1 scorecard may be submitted.
  • Each player will be issued a winter handicap that is adjusted based on performance.
  • Weekly divisional prizes will be awarded to the leading scores.
  • Weekly scores are aggregated into Winter League and Eclectic tables.
  • Overall Winter league and Eclectic prizes will be awarded at its conclusion.

How it works

The Gents Winter League is open to all members who register their intention to take part by Saturday, October 20th 2018.

Registration will be via the PSI terminal in the Pro’s Shop, a registration fee of £6 will be debited from a member’s competition purse.

The league will run for a maximum of 20 weeks commencing on 22nd October.

Each week a new competition will be opened, and scores may be entered from 12 noon on Tuesday through to 5pm on Sunday (Monday may be needed for administration purposes). 

Rounds may be played on any day of the week but score entry is restricted to the timings above. 

Only one scorecard may be submitted each week, so a player must decide which card to submit if multiple rounds have been played in a week. Once a card is submitted it cannot be withdrawn.

A player will be allocated a maximum of 40 scorecards during the league, they may be drawn down at a rate determined by the player, but on average this is 2 cards per week. A player may request any number of cards in any given week, but care must be taken to ensure there are enough cards left in their allocation to be able to submit the minimum of 10 cards at a rate of one per week.

A player wishing to play a round in the winter league must request a scorecard from the Pro shop before playing, the card will be date stamped, and the player’s outstanding card allocation will be reduced.

Only officially date stamped cards will be accepted into the competition.

Scores must be entered by the player into the PSI terminal in the gent’s locker room.

There will be a competition fee of £1 automatically debited from a player’s competition purse when a scorecard is submitted.

Weekly prizes will be awarded to the leading scores in each division.

All registration & competition fees will be paid out in prizes in the form of Pro Shop credits.

There will be 2 divisions 0-14 handicap and 15-28 handicap. (subject to balancing entries)

When a player registers they will be allocated a “winter handicap” which will initially be the same as their CONGU handicap, from thereon a player’s winter handicap will be adjusted based on weekly playing performance. This will not affect a player’s official CONGU handicap.

Winter handicaps will be adjusted using CGC Winter League rules. For each point, better than 38 a reduction of 0.7 will be made, and for each point less than 38 an increase of 0.2 up to a maximum of 1 full shot will be made. The maximum handicap is capped at 28.

Each week’s score will be aggregated but only the best 10 weekly scores will be included in the overall winter league standings.

The eclectic competition is based on all weekly scorecards submitted.

Each week, the weekly results, overall winter league and eclectic table positions together with handicap adjustments will be published via email and on the notice board.

Although a player’s weekly division may change based on weekly handicap reviews and weekly competition entry levels, a player will remain in their original division for the overall winter league and eclectic competitions.

When playing competitions such as Pros Comps, Wednesday/Friday fiddles, a winter league scorecard must be filled in separately and the winter league handicap used.

Weather conditions will determine whether Winter Greens and Tees are in operation, however, for a week to be deemed valid the course must have been open for play on at least 4 days, one of which must be a weekend day. If a week is invalidated and activity has taken place, any charges and card allocations made will be credited back in full.

If the course is open but certain holes are closed for play, then the closed holes should be marked as if played, and the score recorded being a gross score that results in a net par on that hole i.e. 2 points.

For winter league purposes ANY hole being played with a different par to that on the scorecard should be treated as a CLOSED hole and recorded as a net par i.e. 2 points.

Should a week be lost due to course closures a further week will be added to the end of the league schedule to ensure that if possible 20 weeks are played.

Further rules may be added if necessary during the course of the competition.

Competitions Committee, September 2018

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