Wine Society

As many of you know, Peter Copley has arranged for the Wine Society to hold their meetings at the Club. It involves the tasting of 3 red wines, 3 white wines, 1 port and a 3 course meal at a cost of £25 except at Christmas when it will be a little more expensive as it will be a more upmarket event.

The dates of the meeting for this year are : -

Wednesday 13th July,

Wednesday 10th August,

Wednesday 14th September,

Wednesday 12th October,

Thursday 13th October,

Wednesday 9th November,

Wednesday 7th December.

Should you wish to come along to any of these, a list will be posted on the main notice board for you to sign up.

These are good evenings and it is worth giving them a try but make sure that you use a taxi to go home in!