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The Veterans' section of the Club is open to all playing members over the age of 60 (as at 1st March). A nominal annual fee of £5 is charged to cover 4 internal competitions and 18 matches against other clubs, the Ladies and the Juniors. An annual dinner and presentation evening is held at the Club early in the New Year).  It has over 50 members.

Veterans' Voice

The informal newsletter of the Veterans' Section (each is a .PDF file, to be printed double sided and folded into an A5 format booklet).

Download IssueThirtyOne.pdf - Christmas 2017
Download IssueThirty.pdf - October 2017
Download IssueTwentyNine.pdf - September 2017
Download IssueTwentyEight.pdf - August 2017
Download IssueTwentySeven.pdf - July 2017  (No June Issue)
Download IssueTwentySix.pdf - May 2017

Download IssueTwentyFive.pdf - Christmas 2016
Download IssueTwentyFour.pdf - October 2016
Download IssueTwentyThree.pdf - September 2016
Download IssueTwenty-two - August 2016  
Download IssueTwenty-one - July 2016  
Download Issue Twenty - June 2016  
Download Issue Nineteen - May 2016
Download Issue Eighteen - April 2016

Download Issue Seventeen - Christmas 2015
Download Issue Sixteen - October 2015
Download Issue Fifteen - September 2015
Download Issue Fourteen - August 2015
Download Issue Thirteen - July 2015
Download Issue Twelve - June 2015
Download Issue Eleven - May 2015
Download Issue Ten - April - the first of the new 2015 season

Download Issue Nine - Christmas 2014
Download Issue Eight (October 2014)
Download Issue Seven (September 2014)
Download Issue Six (August 2014)
Download Issue Five
Download Issue Four
Download Issue Three
Download Issue Two
Download Issue One
They are PDF files, intended to print both sides on an A4 sheet to form an A5 booklet.

Officers re-elected at the 2017 Veterans' AGM:-

Chairman: Peter Copley
Secretary: Les Spencer, assisted by
Match Secretary: Alan Moore
Treasurer:  Garry Sims

Subsequent to the AGM, George confirmed that he and his wife will be moving later in the year to be nearer family in the South of England. Les Spencer has volunteered to take on the Secretary's role - there will be a progressive handover during April / May prior to George's departure in June.