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Improving Members’ Golf Experience

We are always looking at ways in which we might be able to improve the golf experience for members. We recognise that member’s playing patterns evolve and playing in groups has grown in popularity. This can present issues at the first tee at popular and busy times for both the groups and for other members wishing to play. It is also considered important to encourage groups to include members turning up for a game (although it was recognised that there is an optimum group size beyond which it can become unwieldy and fragmented) or alternatively give them the opportunity to tee off without a lengthy wait.

It has been suggested that the introduction of a start sheet would provide members with the opportunity of selecting a tee time and having a choice on where and how they choose to spend their time waiting for the tee. A very constructive meeting took place in the clubhouse on Thursday, May 26th comprising representatives from all the Saturday playing groups and members of the Board to discuss this suggestion. The start sheet would enable members or groups to sign their names on the sheet on arrival so they would know when they would be teeing off without having to make their way to the first tee to queue.

After a long discussion about many “what-if’s” it was agreed that it would be worth trialling the start sheet for a month on Saturday morning to see how it worked in practice. If it was a success and benefitted all concerned it could be continued but would not be if it failed to improve things.

It was decided that the busy summer months would not be an appropriate time to introduce the scheme so it is planned to trial it in October. It will be important at that time for everyone concerned to identify whether or not it will improve the golf experience for all concerned.

Bill Preston


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