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Starters Hut on 1st Tee - Chris and Barry Twigg

Starters Hut on 1st Tee - Chris and Barry Twigg

The Starter’s Hut on at the 1st tee is complete with a coat of protective woodstain now applied, thanks to "Pete the Painter". An additional glazed wall panel has been added to cut down the wind-chill. The hut has been provided through the very generous sponsorship of Chris and Barry Twigg in recognition of Mike and Enid McLean’s 37 years at the Club and is known as ‘Hope House’. The official Naming and Opening Ceremony took place on Sunday 6th April. 

Barry's company is National Flexible, The UK's Largest Distributor of Polypropylene, Laminates and Special Films.

Completed Bridge with Sponsors, Helpers and Contractors


The new bridge is splendid. Our thanks must go to Martin and Marie Bonynge and James Bailey whose company, Prosperity Wealth Management, has sponsored the build and to all the members who helped work on it, particularly Bill Preston, Terry Woodhouse and Alan Miles. We must also not forget Mark the Green staff who have worked so hard throughout the project.


Month Monthly Average Actual % Above Average
mm mm
Sep 56 113 102%
Oct 72 139 93%
Nov 62 139 124%
Dec 40 167 318%
Jan 58 192 231%
Totals 288 750 160%

Slideshow of the Completed Bridge