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Are you maintaining your cutting units to the highest standard?

Are you looking to get your units sharpened? 

If so, we have Superb new sharpening facility in our Ground Maintenance unit -

Contact us for a great opening offer to sharpen your equipment

Call Nick Miles, Course Manager,on 07842 960686

We have two state-of-the-art Bernhard machines –
 An Express Dual 4000 Grinder and an Anglemaster 4000 Grinder

The Express Dual 4000 automatically grinds mower reels in situ without the need to disassemble the mower. The membrane touch control panel, speed loading system and automatic traverse feature ensures rapid turnaround and improved workshop safety.

Express Dual 4000 is renowned the world over for superb grind quality, lightning speed, ease of use, exceptional reliability and long life.

Unique auto-cut provides accurate finish, eliminating the need for lapping and extra relief thereby dramatically reducing maintenance costs and improves the health of your turf.

  • World’s fastest and most accurate reel grinder
  • Grind in-situ, no need to remove bedknives or rollers
  • Intuitive infeed balance display to ensure a parallel grind
  • Fast turnaround (Greens units: 5 minutes, Fairway units: 15 minutes floor-to-floor)

The Anglemaster 4000 (below) was designed to match the speed, ease and accuracy of its Express Dual counterpart, grinding bedknives to within one thousandth of an inch.

The fine tolerances and ability to produce any desired angle, ensures that the reel and bedknife work in perfect harmony.

Anglemaster 4000 comes standard with the SuperBlue grindstone which can grind the hardest bedknives longer, harder and cooler.

  • Grinds bedknives up to 40” long
  • Heavy-duty robust construction prevents flexing
  • Independent end feed parallelling and single point advance
  • Auto-cue angle finder

Contact our:

Course Manager, Nick Miles, on 07842 960686 to discuss your requirements and how we might be able to help – with one-off, or with regular sharpening / grinding of your mowing machinery.

Download our leaflet here.