Revised Dress Code

Hi everyone

Just a note on clubhouse dress code agreed in the Board meeting on 3rd February 2016. 

  1. Smart casual wear is permitted throughout the club house (no faded , bleached or ripped jeans )
  2. Shirts, unless tailored, must be tucked into trousers.
  3. Golf clothes are allowed in the lounge areas but must be clean and dry.
  4. The following items of dress are always unacceptable - untailored or sports shorts, "T" shirts, track suits,   football / rugby shirts,  trainers. Golf shoes, water proofs, sports headwear and outer wear are not permitted in the lounge areas.
  5. Notification of events requiring more formal dress will be posted.

This was agreed by the board, it is simple and to the point and item 1 "Smart casual" covers inappropriate dress.

Peter C.