Members' Survey

Members’ Survey

As many of you are aware, there is a survey of our membership currently underway. We understand that there may have been some technical difficulties in receiving or accessing the survey and as a result we have decided to reissue it. For all those members who have already responded, thank you for your responses and there is no need to respond again.

Quick highlights so far : -

· The quality of the golf course scores very highly to members.

· On-line booking seems to have divided the club equally with as many members against the idea as those in favour.

· Around 11% of members would like to see more competitions with more mixed competitions scoring highest.

· Bunkers and paths (no surprise there) are most commented on in terms of improvements.

· Updating the clubhouse scores highly again with particular focus on the lounge carpet and gents changing room.

· Communication between the board and the membership is high on the list.

· Slow play and particularly 5 balls came in for plenty of criticism as does the general lack of respect exhibited by some members.

· There were several comments about the irrigation and drainage on the course.

· Members would generally like to see more integration between the genders and ages as well as between old and new members both through improved socials as well as more drawn competitions.

· Most members feel that the current membership fee structure is about right if a little complex in some areas and in general members would be prepared to back a further increase in fees if linked to specific projects that enhanced their membership. A small minority (4%) stated that they would leave if fees were increased significantly. Please note that the subscription increase questions were to provoke responses rather than the intention of the committee.

· More visitors, corporate events and sponsorship were viewed more positively than increasing subscriptions along with a review of ongoing costs.

Overall the response to the survey so far has been broadly positive and on behalf of your board, I would like to thank you for that. A number of good ideas have been generated from the membership response and many of these will be followed up in due course.

I do hope that more of the members who have yet to comment will feel encouraged to do so as this is the best mechanism to get your voice heard. The board are intending to hold an Open Forum in early September and I hope to provide a more detailed overview then.

Paper copies of the survey are also available from the office. I would like to remind members to include their names as anonymous responses will not be taken into account.

Thank you again for your support for this initiative and enjoy your golf.