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Latest Course Report

Tree work

Over the past couple of weeks, we have removed a substantial amount of young, dead and dying trees from behind the 7th green. The trees that remain now have the space and light to grow into large deciduous trees. The 7th green itself should now benefit from all the extra light and air movement, not only that but we’ve used a lot of the wood from the trees to patch up the broken fence behind the 7th green.
I understand that this won’t stop kids and dog walkers from getting on the course but every little helps and should last a long time. We are also using the straight logs around the car park to reduce entry points for vehicle to access the course.
The trees around the 8th green have been put on the back burner for now as we could not access that area with the ground conditions being so wet. We aim to get them down within the next couple of weeks.


Some of you who played last week will have noticed some pedestrian aeration equipment out on the course. Usually through winter we use our Verti Drain to punch holes into the greens which stay open right up to Spring. Also, I am not comfortable with having a tractor running over the greens in their softened state. The Air2G2 is Much lighter and pumps air into the surface. This will help dry the greens surfaces at a quicker rate and if you have a look on the greens you will notice very little disruption. I have scheduled him to come back in in May and October.

Stump Grinder

The stump grinder will be out on the course for the next week clearing the stumps from the back of 7th, left of the 9th, and right of the 16th. It shouldn’t affect play as 2 areas are out of the way and the 16th hole is closed.

8th Green

The 8th green has been delayed for the past couple of weeks due to not being able to access that area with our vehicles. But now that we have had some dry weather, we are well under way with transferring the turf from the putting green to the 8th. As you will notice we haven’t got enough turf to replace the entire damaged area. We will assess how much more we need once we have stripped and laid the Putting Green. We have a couple of options to patch the rest.

Winter hole cups

A few members have approached me and my staff over the past few weeks about the winter hole cups not being set in deep enough. I personally have now been round to move the holes and set them to the correct depth. Hopefully no bounce out.

Course Manager Reports

Every few weeks, our Course Manager, Joe Walsh, will publish a short note explaining the work being done to maintain our wonderful course.