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Junior News Update - 1st July

Again we have more encouraging reports on our up and coming juniors and our thanks must go to all those who are running this side of our club, they are doing a fantastic job.
Last week saw the introduction of the Junior Golf Passport handbook - Shane observed all cadets and updated their handbooks with the skills they had mas-tered, these are maintained by the cadets on a website for Shane to moni-tor and approve as appropriate.
We’ve have some really good scores coming in from both the cadet and main courses over the past couple of weeks ….. handicaps are now stabilising on both courses so Tuesday nights will focus on technical coaching, linked to the Golf Passport, backed up by play on the courses. Sundays will still be the main opportunity to put the coaching into practice on both courses starting at 4pm.
Peter Boardman, Somersall Financial Management Ltd, has kindly sponsored shirts for the cadets …… sample shirts have arrived and cadets have been choosing their correct size. A group pho-to shoot will be arranged on a Tuesday night with Peter when the group is fully kitted out.
We very much appreciate the support and positive comments coming from members - the cadets really feel part of the club so a polite request - please take advantage of the greens that Nick has produced on the practice ground as targets but we will be grateful if you could avoid practising from the numbered tees and also from the greens.
The Juniors have been very quiet so far this year influenced somewhat by exams and revision. We are hoping that participation in the their events will increase and allow us to run their major competitions over the summer period.

Previous report - 16th June

Again it gives great pleasure to include the report on the juniors from Mike Barker who is doing an excellent job with his team on encouraging Junior Golf.


The second series of cadet coaching started on the 13th - our numbers have been sustained with two more joining the existing twenty cadets.


We now have eight cadets who have qualified to play on the main course for six holes from 150 yd; six played on Tuesday night - qualifying Festival rounds are played at 6pm on Tuesdays and 4pm on alternate Sundays accompanied by an adult. Those cadets who have yet to achieve the qualifying handicap will play qualifying rounds on the cadet course at the same time.

Junior Golf Passport

The club has now formally joined the Golf Foundation Junior Golf Passport. All of our cadets have been added to the Passport scheme to give them a structured programme of development that Shane will take them through giving them Playing, Personal and Physical skills.

Next Festival Date
Sunday 18th June