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November 2016 Update

I just want to inform you all that I have now had the all clear from the Infectious Disease Clinic, so I’m free of the Tropical infection that I picked up in March.

I can now move forward and focus on getting back to where I was at the start of the year before this happened. I’m catching up with all my Team next week so I can now put a plan together to get back in the gym so I am fit and ready to start competing again. I have a few options over the winter but I just want to see how I get on over the next few weeks.

I have now sent off all my information to the European Tour and I’ve been told that they will be in contact with me at the end of November regarding my medical exemption application.

I would just like thank everyone for the kind words and messages over the last few months. I really can’t wait to get back competing and get back to my normal day to day living.

I really appreciate everyone’s continued support.

Best wishes in golf


Late Spring 2016 Update

Latest Results

4th Eagle Tour Sutton Coldfield
2nd 1836 Tour at Dunham Forest
Tied 58 Red Sea Egyptian Challenge at Sokhna
Eagle Tour at Coxmoor Cancelled
Tied 88th Turkish Airlains Challenge, Gloria GC, Turkey

It's been great to get back on the road playing tournament golf after having a break on the Challenge Tour due to the schedule. This also gave me some recovery time after falling ill in Kenya. I've been working hard with the Derbyshire Institute of Sport (DIS), my coach, Steve Astle and my physio, Paul Farquharson, over the last few weeks.
Locally, I've had some good results in tour events, which are great to play in when I'm home from the Challenge Tour. They keep me competing and help me stay in tour mode and keep me sharp. The odd week that I’ve been home the weather has been crazy. I had an Eagle Tour event at Coxmoor that was cancelled due to snow after I’d returned from Egypt where every day it was 40°C. This was a little bit of a shock!
My schedule is a little uneven as it’s a Ryder Cup year leading to some of the European Tour players playing Challenge Tour events and knocking players in my category down the list. This can be frustrating as it’s difficult to plan ahead. My next Challenge Tour event will in the Czech Republic at the end of May. I have a few local events to play in before then and I may also play a Europro Tour event in London.
My clothing for the year has arrived and I would like the thank Simon Hurd from Druh & Belts for their support. The logos from Prosperity, Glapwell Contracting, and Capital Services also look fantastic. I’m really looking forward to wearing the gear on tour.
I hope everyone is enjoying the signs of summer finally arriving.
Happy Golfing
George Woolgar


Winter 2015/16 Update

The wet and windy winter has made for a long off-season as the weather has affected my winter tourna-ments here in the UK. Every Pro am I was scheduled to appear in since the New Year has been cancelled, putting a big financial strain on me as I’ve been unable to win and make my living through the winter months. However, this has meant I’ve been able to put in some hard work with my coaching team. Tuesday’s are my Derbyshire Institute of Sport (DIS) days. I spend mornings with my coach, Steve Astle, work-ing through the areas I need to improve and make me more efficient. Some days we get the chance to get on the golf course at Kedleston Park Golf Club, a great test as this is now a Par 70 and 7000 yards long, making it what I call a Tour Spec Course.
As the weather has been really poor, we’ve mostly been training at Morley Hayes Golf Range. We get chance to use Flight Scope and Sam Putt Lab; two devices that track your golf swing and putting stroke. This advanced coaching also helps us make the improvements we need.
In the afternoons I travel to the University of Derby, the home of the DIS. There I work with Gary Hutt, the Head of Strength and Conditioning at the DIS. This is great because I have my programme from Paul Far-quharson and then focus on speed training with Gary to get me faster as an athlete. It also gives me a chance to train with different athletes from different sports. Without the DIS, I wouldn’t have been able to make the gains as quickly throughout winter, if I wasn't on their athlete programme.
I’ve visited my Golf Fitness Coach, Paul Farquharson, in Newark once a week working on golf specific fitness and physio, ensuring my body is fully ready for the season ahead. I have two split programmes; a movement preparation followed by a strength programme designed specifically for me. This helps to further improve my golf swing and the various areas I need to get stronger for golf. I feel we have made some good gains so far this winter.
My season begins in Barcelona on 23rd February and I’ve received an invite to two Nordic Tour events at Lu-mine Golf Club in Spain. I'm really looking forward to getting back on the links and see how my game has im-proved. After these events I then go to Kenya to start my season on the European Challenge Tour. Away from the golf course, on the business side of things, it's been a challenging winter too. I would like to thank Prosperity, as they have confirmed to support and sponsor me again this year. As you all know sponsor-ship is a massive thing, as without this I wouldn't be able to travel around the world on the European Chal-lenge Tour. Unfortunately my contract ended with clothing company, Glenbrae, but I'm currently in discus-sions with a new potential clothing manufacturer.
I hope you have enjoyed what I have been up to over the winter months and I will keep everyone updated throughout the season on my progress. I hope everyone has a great season and happy golfing.
23rd February 2016

December 2015 Message from George Woolgar:

This year has been my best season to date as a Professional and in my personal life. I achieved my highest ever ranking of 785th in the world. I got married to my beautiful wife, and I’ve had the best finish in a tour-nament on the European Challenge Tour.
As you all know, this was my second season on the Challenge Tour. I have once again been all over the world from the start of the year in Kenya, to the last event of the year in Kazakhstan. It's been another challenging season that is for sure, with a lot of travelling including Tuesday morning flights from Heathrow at 2.30am. This year I’ve only had to do this a few times, as Manchester has been more accommo-dating with flights. Thanks to NAPIT and United Rentals, I’ve been driving in comfort and reliability in my new branded car which
has massively helped me and their support is much appreciated.
It’s been a great experience on tour for my second season, revisiting many amazing places from last year. The more familiar surroundings allowed me to prepare mentally for the challenge of being called into tournaments at the last minute, as I largely knew what to expect before I got into the events. It was great to go to some new events and see new places. In total, I’ve been to 13 different countries in the space of 10 months, loving every minute of it and increasing my air miles.
Kenya is a personal favourite of mine after last year’s success. This year I received a last minute invite and the £1,500 flight was well worth the expense. There’s something about Africa that appeals to me; the Karen course, the caddie, the wildlife and the roads. I had a fantastic tournament, finish-ing 3rd on 16 under par. This was my best finish yet on the European Challenge Tour. Only being one shot off the playoff to have the chance to win was gutting, but what a way to start the season off.
I've kept my category on the Challenge Tour at and finished 43 places higher than last season which led to 77th on the order of merit. This will allow me to plan my season better in 2016. I can't wait to get going again, as the experience I've had over the last two seasons will stand me in good stead for the New Year. I'm aiming to start playing competitive golf again in February, allowing a few months working hard with my coaches to make improvements to my game.
Since I got back from the tour I've been working hard with my coach, Steve Astle. We’ve reviewed the season and are making the changes needed to improve through-out the winter, so that we can get off to an even better season next year and potentially realise my dream of playing on the main European Tour. As a team we have a plan in place to make this happen and improve in the necessary areas.
The gym is crucial at this time of year, so Paul Farquharson my fitness coach and the Derbyshire Institute of Sport (DIS) have constructed a programme to improve my strength and fitness. At the minute, I'm training twice a day, six days a week. It’s hard but this is what I have to do in a short window of time to make gains.
Once again, I would like to thank my sponsors for their support throughout the year. Without you guys I wouldn’t be able to do this. I hope you all can still support me in 2016 to continue my journey to the main European Tour.
Enjoy the Christmas period and I hope you all have a prosperous New Year.


November Update

Congratulations George - Top of the Leader Board
After a busy last few weeks travelling to France and then straight to Kazakhstan, George’s schedule has changed due to the field sizes being reduced by category from last year rather than order of merit on the Challenge Tour, meaning George would narrowly miss out. As a result, the Chesterfield Golf Professional has been involved in competitive action in the UK, enjoying success in tournaments and pro-ams.
“With the time off from the European Challenge Tour, I've been working hard with Steve Astle through the Derbyshire Institute of Sport on my whole game and Paul Farquharson on my physical side,” George Woolgar said. “I haven't got long now until the European Tour Qualifying School second stage in November, so my preparation over the next few weeks is going to be vital to get through to the final stage and get my main European Tour Card. My game is in a good place at the minute with winning at the Leo Feeney Pro-am and the Eagle Tour Championship.”

Event Location Result
European Challenge Tour Cordon Open France T-51
European Challenge Tour Kazakhstan Open Kazakhstan T-76
Andrew Murray Charity Pro Am Stockport Golf Club, England T-4
The Eagle Tour Collingtree Park Collingtree Park, England T-3
The Grove Pro am The Grove Golf Resort, England 2nd
The Centurion Pro am The Centurion Golf Club, England 6th
Lindrick Annual Pro am Lindrick Golf Club, England T-3
The Leo Feeney Pro am Kedleston Park, England 1st
The Eagle Tour Championship Kedleston Park Kedleston Park, England 1st

July 2015 Update

It has been a busy few weeks for George Woolgar, Golf Professional, as he faced tough weather conditions in Denmark and Austria on the European Challenge Tour.
For the last two events, George has been on the reserve list and received invitations only at the last minute. He has then had to play in appalling weather conditions at both events.
George missed the cut in Denmark before travelling to the challenge in Austria. Again he was up against adverse weather condi-tions but made the cut with rounds of level par and four under. A five under par third round moved him up the leaderboard and a final round of four under gave him a fin-ish in 22nd place.
George and his fiancé Rebecca have now taken a few weeks off in Mykonos, Greece where they will get married.
Many congratulations to them both and our best wishes for their future happiness together.

Barclays Kenya Open

Many congratulations to George in finishing third in the Barclays Kenya Open, the first Challenge Tour of the year.
He shot 2 under par in his first round and he had a brilliant second round of 6 under par and a score of 3 under par for the third round put him in a great position for the final day.
Although he had an excellent round on the final day he just missed out on a play off and had to settle for third place.
We at Chesterfield Golf Club wish him every success this year and hope that his winning performance continues, we would love to see him in the big names!
There is a full report of his time on his notice board for those that wish to follow him.

George Woolgar Biomechanics Session

2014 Season

George’s first event of the Challenge Tour season was in Kenya for the Barclays Kenya Open. This was held at the Karen Golf and Country Club in Nairobi. It was his first ever long haul flight which he was not looking forward to! He eventually arrived at 1.00am at his hotel.

after a few detours! The hotel left much to be desired but its saving grace was the proximity to the golf course.
He had a practice day on the Monday so played a few holes and did some short game work. This was plenty given that he had only managed to get a few hours of sleep. The course was great with tree lined fairways and small greens and was playing really firm. The greens were a great surface to putt on but he needed to get used to the grain on the greens. More interesting was how far he was hitting the ball; at 5000ft above sea level the ball was going crazy distances and he knew he needed to adapt his game quickly.

Tuesday was the official practice day and he met with his caddy - she was called Sarah. He was a little apprehensive about having a lady caddy as somehow it didn’t feel quite right - his bag was nearly as big as she was! He played the whole course and really enjoyed the layout but struggled with how far the ball was going. It really was crazy.

George wasn’t involved in the Pro-Am day on Wednesday but used the time to practice on the range. The tournament started on Thursday and George shot a level par 72 in his opening round, a solid start. On Friday he shot a 68 (4 under) and made the cut as the highest placed Englishman. On Saturday he shot 75 (+3) and never really got his
score going. On the final day though he shot a very pleasing 69 (-3). This gave an overall result of -4, tied 17th. He was really happy with his performance overall and enjoyed meeting with some of the big names and is now looking forward to his next challenge.

Thanks must go to Team Woolgar for all their support and help as he could not achieved it without them. His next tournament is at La Manga, playing in the ECCO Tour Winter series.

Good Luck George

Biomechanics Aid George

Chesterfield Golf Club Tournament Professional, George Woolgar, has recently used innovative biomechanics techniques in his training regime to improve his game.

Biomechanics is an electromagnetic motion tracking system, using receivers and sensors attached to various body parts that distort the magnetic field generated and collect data. The entire process takes around 10 minutes and gives valuable feedback to golfing professionals and their coaches. The system reports exactly what the professional is doing and leads them towards a more efficient body motion for a repeatable and powerful golf swing.

The session was booked with Dr Robert Neal, one of the leaders of biomechanics in the world, at the Styal Golf Club in Cheshire. The focus was to facilitate efficient body motion throughout the golf swing and to highlight any physical issues. This then allows the golfer to improve in order to assist in the technical progress relating to posture, flexibility, stability, strength and power. Taking characteristics and abilities into consideration, the system uncovers the most efficient swing for the individual golfer.

George Woolgar said about the session: “The most useful thing for me was the data produced from the transition of the downswing timings and sequences and how easily they were identified. The report gives you suggestions as to the important technical faults to address and also gives biofeedback. The lesson was really helpful and now I can work with my swing coach, Steve Astle, and put a winter plan together to make my game more efficient.”