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Local Rules

Local Rules:
1.  On or over the road to the left of the 1st and right of the 6th holes.
2.  Beyond the white posts to the left of the 3rd hole.
3.  In or over the stream at the 12th hole.
4.  In or over the ditch on the left of the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th hole.
5.  In or over the ditch behind the 16th hole.
6.  Car park to right of 7th hole.
7.  Over any hedge or fence bounding the course
B.  Water Hazards:-
1.  Ordinary water hazards are defined by yellow markers.
2.  Lateral water hazards are defined by red markers
C. Greens:-
A ball lying on the mown portion of any green other than the one In play MUST be lifted and dropped within one club's length of the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole, without penalty.
D. Staked Trees:-
If a staked tree or a tree smaller than a driver interferes with stance or swing the ball must be dropped within one club's length of the nearest point of relief.
Ground anchor transplanted trees - relief applies as to staked trees, however the area is extended to cover any ground within the vicinity of the trees which has been disturbed by planting, which is designated GUR.
E. Relief may be obtained from the following where a ball may be lifted and dropped within one club's length, not nearer the hole, without penalty:-
1.  On or within one club's length of any road or surfaced footpath unless the road or footpath is out of bounds.
2.  In tractor rut through the green.
3.  On or near any pop up sprinkler or any water stop tap cover, where the sprinkler or cover also interferes with a player's stance or within one club's length of a sprinkler where the sprinkler is on line to the hole.
4.  On or within one club's length of the drain covers to the right of the 8th green and in front of the 9th tee.
5.  On a drain upon which the turf has not been fully reinstated on the fairway, any French drain or open mole drain.
6.  The pylons to the left of the 13th and 14th are immovable obstructions rule 24-2 applies. Also any ball striking the pylons or wires must be abandoned and another ball played from the original position.
7.  The Halfway House and all internal stone walls.
8.  The service road on the 9th hole is deemed an imovable obstruction. If a ball, having been hit on its intended line i.e. between the white posts marking the edges of the fairway, actually finishes on the road, but subsequently rolls down past the line marked on the road, the player may take relief from the point where the ball first crossed the road line, i.e. one club length from that point no nearer the hole Rule 24-2b.
F. Players must not start at the 7th or 10th holes if the previous holes are in play
G. Bunker Rakes
They should be removed prior to playing a shot.
H. When winter rules apply (placing and cleaning), a plugged (embedded) ball may be
a) Lifted, cleaned and placed on the fairway
b) Lifted and dropped in the rough as near as possible to its original position
c) Winter greens when NOT in use should all be treated as GUR and balls should be dropped at the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole.
I. Stones in Bunkers:-
Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions (Rule 24-1 applies)

Penalty for breach of any local rule:-
Match Play-Loss of Hole Stroke Play - Two Shot Penalty

Please replace all divots and repair pitch marks

Card of the Course


Pin Positions

Our flags are colour coded according to pin positions:

Red = Front of Green
Yellow = Middle of Green
White = Rear of Green

Distances shown on the card are to the middle of the green (Yellow Flag) position.