Car Parking

A number of members have expressed an interest in renting a designated car park space and as a result the committee has agreed to investigate this further. If you would be interested in this, please contact Martin Bonynge on 0789 491 4144. It is envisaged that this would be at a cost of £365 per year.

Following initial feedback in relation to the idea to encourage members to consider renting a car park space (recently outlined in the previous bulletin), it has been recognised that the membership may need some further information in order for them to better understand the nature of the proposal. Members should note that funds raised are intended to be reinvested to increase and improve the overall car parking facilities. The club is initially aiming to rent up to 6 parking spaces at the far end of the car park with a view to raising up to £2,190 per annum.
Your team thought that the membership might like the idea of individuals, groups and fiddles within the club getting together to rent a car space for the benefit of their playing group. For example a fiddle could award their weekly victor the privilege of a personal parking space for the following week. Within each group, they could also determine who else might be able to use the space when it was not planned to be used, thereby minimising periods of vacant unused spaces at busy playing times. Looking at costs for example, the price for a group of 14 members would be equivalent to 50p per person per week. If in the unlikely event it becomes over subscribed then there will be a draw for the 6 spaces.
Member feedback is very important when considering new ideas and Martin Bonynge is co-ordinating this. He has asked that all members be encouraged to share their views, positive and negative, with him directly, either in person or via email on [email protected] He will then feed this back to the board in due course for further consideration.