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One of our problems …..

I think we can all agree that one of our ongoing problems at the Golf Club is a lack of car parking space! It seriously affects us all and it is always there, particularly on open days, invitation days and competition days and even on winter days when the sun is shining.

Trying to identify an area that could easily and cost effectively be turned into additional car parking has been difficult. We can rule out removing trees in Riggott’s Plantation as this whole area is covered by a blanket Tree Preservation Order, consequently we can’t extend the top car park. An area outside the Green Compound has been considered but due to the distance and the problems of both safety and the interruption to play on the 9th hole this has been ruled out.

So, consideration has been given to the area where our car park naturally ‘overflows’, that’s in front of the 7th tee. There’s plenty of room there but the current tee position precludes its use without some lateral thinking.

If we are to make use of this area we will have to create a ‘new’ 7th tee somewhere around the 1st tee and also create a means of access to this new tee around the back of the 1st tee. To clear the playing line to the 7th fairway we anticipate that we will have to take out one tree (or maybe two) behind the first tee and possibly one 100 yards or so ahead. Any tree removal will be compensated by planting a greater number of trees to further enhance the hole. These changes will turn the hole into more of a dog-leg and make the hole more challenging to all golfers but will not affect the hole’s playability.

Implementation of this change has the potential to create in excess of 40 additional car parking spaces in the area directly in front of the current 7th tee, as outlined in the sketch below.

Prior to making a decision on such a move we propose a ‘trial’ period, starting on Friday, 27th January to last over three weekends, after which we would appreciate constructive comments on the viability of such a plan. To facilitate this trial we have created a temporary tee on the proposed playing line for members to get a feel of the way in which the hole will play if re-routed. It is temporary and will not be the greatest playing surface but please bear with us for this trial period.

And please remember the main aim of this trial is to check the viability of increasing the car parking, not just a redesign of the course.

Trevor Glover


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