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Nick's Reports

Every few weeks, our Course Manager, Nick Miles, will publish a short note explaining the work being done to maintain our wonderful course.

Pitchmark Repair

The correct way to repair a pitchmark:

Insert your pitch repair tool just outside the back of the pitchmark. Pull the turf towards the centre of the hole. Repeat this same motion on all sides of the hole.

Gently tap the repaired area with the base of your putter.

This action stretches undamaged turf over the ball mark providing instant recovery.


STRI Report August 2016

The latest STRI report is available to download here.

Latest Course Report -11th August

Very briefly, despite the 40mm of rain this week, we have still managed to get the course maintenance completed. The greens have been solid tined, had the Air2G2 over them, a double pass with the overseeder and finally around 30 tonnes of top dressing applied.

Another week to recuperate and the greens should be back to normal next week.

Nick Miles

Course Manager

Previous Course Report - 1st August

Summer Maintenance Week

The plan for the week commencing 7th August is to solid-tine all the greens, as we did in March, followed by the Air2G2. We will then over-seed them using a Vredo over-seeder and top-dress. Our aim is to get most of the work completed by Wednesday so that we have enough time to get the course cut for the week-end and make sure the top dressing has been fully brushed in.

I would like to clarify something that I previously mentioned. During the mini heatwave, I stated that we raised the height of cut so that the greens didn’t suffer. We are currently cutting at 3.5mm with the ride on greens mower and have been since the beginning of June. The plan had always been to hand cut the 2 weeks prior to Captain’s Day. The hand mowers are set at 3.75mm and we managed to cut 4 times with these before the weather intervened and forced us to use the ride on mower to get the speed back into the greens. We therefore only raised the height of cut 0.25mm and for a short period of time.

Can I please remind golfers when using the practice area not to play iron shots from the academy course greens.

Nick Miles

Course Manager

Previous Course Report 18th July

Thankfully both the Captain’s Days went off without too much disruption from the weather!! With 35mm of rain recorded in the middle of the week leading up to Sunday, I did think, “here we go again!” That rainfall had a dramatic effect on the speed of the greens so we took the decision to use the ride on mower and double cut to get some speed back into them. Thankfully this worked and the greens rolled beautifully.

I have taken the decision to remove the deep rough from between the 3rd and 4th holes as I felt the trees were a penalty in themselves and hopefully this should speed up play slightly.

Nick Miles Course Manager

P.S. Have you seen the beautiful wildflowers on the 14th ?