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Nick's Reports

Every few weeks, our Course Manager, Nick Miles, will publish a short note explaining the work being done to maintain our wonderful course.

Pitchmark Repair

The correct way to repair a pitchmark:

Insert your pitch repair tool just outside the back of the pitchmark. Pull the turf towards the centre of the hole. Repeat this same motion on all sides of the hole.

Gently tap the repaired area with the base of your putter.

This action stretches undamaged turf over the ball mark providing instant recovery.


STRI Report August 2016

The latest STRI report is available to download here.

Latest Course Report 16 June

Once again, the British weather is playing havoc with the Chesterfield golfing calendar!! Persistent rain on Saturday morning meant the competition had to be cancelled due to waterlogged greens but thankfully they drained well once the rain stopped.

The growth has continued to thicken all areas of the course so all the mowers are running continuously. The greens are starting to finally fill in from the winter disease scars and we are planning another top dressing when convenient.

It has been brought to my attention that the three R’s are currently being ignored, Replace all divots, Repair all pitch marks, Rake bunkers. Can I please add that divots can be filled in using the divot bags as well.

Finally, you will notice that Hope House on the 1st tee is receiving a makeover. It will become an open shelter without any doors so that it has access to everyone and so that the 1st hole becomes more visible.

Nick Miles
Course Manager

Previous Course Report - 4th June

Thankfully the weather changed for us prior to Invitation Day and we were able to do some intensive work on the greens to help them recover from the disease outbreak and the wet weather. We pencil-tined, ironed, verti-cut, cut, top-dressed and brushed all in two days! The Spring growth has finally arrived and we are now busy trying to keep on top of the grass. Heights of cut have been lowered with the better weath-er; greens are now at 3.5mm, tees/approaches 9mm and fairways 14mm. the greens mower units have also been sharpened to give a better finish. Let’s all pray for a drier June this year!!
Nick Miles
Course Manager

Previous Course Report

Having been rather desperate for rain after only 5 days of it I am already sick of it!! We are closing in to 30mm of rain in this period and it caused us to abandon the Derbyshire Alliance on Wednesday due to flooding greens.

The course is slowly coming through the cold spring start and growing but with the change in temperature and moisture we have suffered with an outbreak of disease. This outbreak also shows us the greens that lack the morning sunshine and struggle with air flow due to the trees.

Greens have been top dressed recently, another 15 tonnes applied. We used the rotary brush attachments and put the machine into backlap mode so the brushes were turning backwards. This meant that the topdressing stayed on the greens and was worked into the sward better.

The above damage was done on Wednesday 3rd May in the exact same location as the large oak which was destroyed last year. The perpetrators also had a fire which I put out but has been relit since.

Then on Friday 6th May someone came onto the course and broke branches on trees on the 3rd and 4th. They put one branch on the 4th fairway and another in a bunker on the 3rd. The rakes were also broken on these holes. The police have been informed but without names or video evidence they cannot do anything.

Nick Miles

Course Manager